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Giving Is An Answer to A Patient's Prayer

The Way Free Medical Clinic operates on 100% donated and granted funds.

Annual Giving

Your annual gift of any amount will help The Way provide thousands of medical

treatments to uninsured Clay County resident in need each year.

$1,000 helps a pregnant woman have a healthy child

$500 helps provide treatment and supplies for a diabetic patient

$250 helps provide new-born baby follow up treatment

$100 helps a patient get access to thousands of dollars of free medicine

$_____ any amount helps tremendously

Monthly Giving

Make you gift easy and regular by choosing to give monthly through our website donation portal.

Major Gifts

Your gift of $2,500 or more makes a huge impact on the clinic’s ability to serve our

patients and shows your commitment to locally solving the issue of lack of

healthcare for the poor in your community.

Business Partners

Join local businesses who are committed to solving the issue of lack of access to

healthcare for those in need. Your company will be recognized throughout the clinic’s marketing platform.

The Way Free Medical Clinic is a Florida 501c3 nonprofit corporation.

Federal Tax ID# 76-0820154



Ensuring The Clinic's Sustainability & Future

Join the growing list of supporters who have generously acted to ensure the sustainability of clinic’s future by participating in one of more of the following planned giving programs:

Retirement Account Distributions

For many, donation of a mandatory retirement account distribution at age 70 or more

can be a win-win for both the clinic and the donor.

Investments Donation

Gains on stocks and other securities held for years can yield high capital gains tax.  Consider a gift of a security, avoid the tax, and reap the benefit of tax deduction while supporting the clinic in a significant way.

Life Insurance Policy Donation

Taking out a life insurance policy on you and/or your spouse with The Way as the beneficiary is a very cost effective way of leaving a high-impact gift as your legacy.

Estate Planning

Remembering The Way in your will or a living trust preserves your legacy of support in perpetuity.

Capital Campaign

Help us literally build the clinic’s future as we relocate to our new facility.  Our capital campaign will launch in 2020 and lead donors are now being recruited.

Please contact our Executive Director about The Way Legacy Group to help determine if participation is right for you.

Don Fann, Executive Director

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